KAMAZ 6282 Electric Bus

The company presented one of its latest products KAMAZ 6282 Electric Bus at a business mission to Saudi Arabia. It’s the second generation of 6282 electric bus. It is charged with lithium-titanate batteries, and nowadays is considered the most environmentally-friendly public transport. The electric bus can run 70 km on one charge. The main differences from older models in a restyled spacious passenger compartment, there are more seats in it. It is also adapted for physically challenged people and have the newest tecnologies of video cameras and satellite navigation system.

The representatives of Tirsan Kardan and Tirsan Kardan Ltd visited the forge plant of KAMAZ

During the tour the Turkish manufacturers took an interest in the arrangement of business processes, their control and execution, the quality of products, the technologies used. The guests visited the stamping and tool building, the central factory laboratory and so on.

The forge plant will later face a deeper technical audit that will allow the Turkish side to consider the forge plant not only as a potential supplier of components for assembly of cardan shafts at the future JV Tirsan-Kama, but also as a direct supplier.